Since the company’s inception in 2001, StorLogic’s goal has been simple: keeping clients connected. Technology is all about keeping businesses connected both internally with networks, servers, and printers and externally with email, the internet, and social media. StorLogic offers a range of technical solutions that are efficient and practical to keep your company connected.

As the driving force behind StorLogic, Kurt Lanigan created the company with the original focus to provide superior network administration including setup of servers, LANs (Local Area Networks), and any other tasks performed by Network Administrators. He continues to provide clients with this technical expertise coupled with business acumen. He holds certifications in with Microsoft (MCSE-Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), Novel (CNA-Certified Novel Administrator), and CISCO (CCAI-Certified Cisco Academy Instructor), and has taught in technical and business programs at the post-secondary level for ten years.

If your company is challenged by locating qualified technical staff or you only a need part-time technical support, StorLogic can help. Contact StorLogic to learn more about how to keep your company connected.